Highlight Your Business with Custom Signs in Brampton, ON, and the GTA Area

Vivid Signs and Graphics makes it easy to attract and inform your customers with our custom signs in Brampton, ON, tailored to your exact needs. Don’t let your business get passed over—instead, order custom building signs that highlight your best products and services. Get a free estimate based on the details you provide, and we’ll schedule a free consultation to help you glean more insight into your options.


Illuminated Signs/Channel Letters

Anatolia Sign

Add a classic feature to your business with our channel letters in Brampton, ON. Our channel letters and illuminated custom-built sign boxes are traditional options for proprietors that prefer more familiar signage. Their shaped appearance lends itself well to many kinds of corporate branding.

Each sign is backlit with energy efficient LED lighting, which makes it easy to display your brand at night. Compare them with non-illuminated signs, which can’t be seen at night.

All of our illuminated products are tested and receive the UL Certification for product safety.

Custom Engraved Signs/Braille

Engraved and braille sign

Make the most of every advertising dollar in your budget with custom engraved signs from Vivid Signs & Graphics Inc. We are certified to manufacture ADA-compliant braille signage, including:

  • Hotel Room Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Braille & Tactile Signs
  • Badges & Office Signs
  • Nameplates
  • Desk Signs
  • Corporate Reception Signage

Choose from in-house laser and rotary engraving services and customize your sign by colour, size, shape and finish. We can use materials like metal, glass, plastic, and even exotic materials like leather at your request. Additionally, we utilize metal marking and etching processes in manufacturing safety tags, lockout signs, and control panel signs.

Office/Warehouse Signs

Office signs

Form meets function in Vivid Signs and Graphics Inc.’s custom office signs. Now it’s easier to keep your business organized, and your staff, clients, and visitors well informed. Install directional signs near the  reception are  and make a great first impression. Many different materials are available, including metal, engraved wood, plastic, and etched glass. Here are just a few of your sign options:

  • Door Signs
  • Boardroom Signs
  • Washroom Signs
  • Nameplates
  • Badges
  • Desk Plates
  • Elevator Signage
  • Decals
  • Window Privatization
  • Conference Room & Corporate Door Signage

Consider adding signage to your business’s warehouse. Warehouses operate more smoothly with signs that direct traffic, improve workflow, provide instructions, and display hazard warnings. Some examples include aisle identification, bin location, hanging signs, and dock signs. But you can rest easy knowing our custom engraved signs are durable and highly visible; they can take knocks from machinery and equipment!

Wayfinding/Parking Signs

Wayfind signs in Toronto

Navigation is simpler with reflective, rust-free custom signs from Vivid Signs & Graphics Inc. From aluminum parking signs to barrier-free parking signs, our signage is long-lasting and maintenance free.

Choose from traffic signs, road signs, parking lot signs, and more with flex posts and concrete bases. Many standard traffic and bylaw signs are available now for same-day pickup, but we can also create custom stencils and pavement marking stencils made of durable LDPE.

Commercial Awnings & Canopies/Banners

Restaurant awning sign

Add a sign to your storefront that’s both functional and attractive. It’s easy when you choose retractable awnings, banners, or canopies from Vivid Signs & Graphics Inc. These classic and convenient custom signs make it easy to dress up your property and attract potential customers.

There are many ways to tailor our professional-grade fabrics. Choose from vibrant colours that complement your business, or have our design team apply logos, artwork, and lettering--your imagination is the limit. You can even backlight your awning for a more eye-catching corporate look. It’s an easy and affordable way to attract attention!

Dimensional Signs

Artcraft Signage

Looking for Brampton, ON, signs and graphics that are both stunning and affordable? Find the perfect compromise in dimensional signs. Whether you install yours inside or outside your business, these signs are attractive additions to any space—including your home! Mount them directly or raise them away from walls to create a 3D effect.

A variety of materials are available, including PVC, acrylic, and aluminum. We also offer painted, printed, and brushed metallic finishes for a more polished look.

Pylon Signs

Liteform pylon sign

Demand attention with tall, bold custom pylon signs made according to your exact needs. Also called freestanding signs, pylon signs are highly visible and can attract potential customers from a distance. They are great choices for multi-business complexes, as they allow any tenancy changes to be adjusted promptly.

On the other hand, ground and monument pylon signs can display your message at eye-level. They incorporate well into your existing landscape and are traditionally illuminated with LED lights for 24-hour advertising capability. We can also service, retrofit, and refurbish your existing freestanding signage.

Vehicle/Fleet Graphics

Vehicles custom signs

Now your business can go anywhere your fleet goes with custom printed vinyl film. Chat with our designers and transform your vehicles into moving billboards that highlight important information, such as contact information, services, and TSSA numbers.

Thanks to our skilled designers and digital tools, we can recreate your branding to ensure all your vehicles look identical. This makes it easy to add new cars and trucks to your fleet, as well as boats, snowmobiles, or any other equipment you use.

Best of all, our lettering is durable enough to survive pressure washing and other intensive cleaning. When properly applied, our custom signage lasts for years.

Printed/Vinyl Graphics

LCBO printed sign

Elevate your business’s interior or exterior with custom vinyl building signs made to match your company colours. Vinyl films are long-lasting, low-cost solutions that do double duty as decorations and privacy filters. They also reduce sunlight, cutting down on energy costs. Best of all, you can place them almost anywhere, including doors, windows, and even floors.

Talk to our design experts today to learn how we can contour cut your custom vinyl signs, decals, and labels. Most vinyl graphics are easy to install, but if you’d prefer a professional touch, we’re happy to provide installation services.

Electronic Message Boards

Electronic message signs

Step into the future of signage with an electronic message board tailored for your business needs. Our network-ready, WiFi-controlled digital sign and message centers are the easiest way to communicate with clients and customers as often as you like with minimal effort. Skip unsightly and potentially dangerous network cables and upgrade to simple digital signage.

Now you can display animated graphics, full RGB colours, and motion/scrolling messages that attract customers and draw attention to your products and services. These LED signs are easy to program, bright, and long-lasting. They can even be seen during daylight hours, unlike neon signs.

Program wirelessly from your computer, tablet, or smartphone--the intuitive interface allows you to change text, graphics, and visualization options instantly. Each sign comes with an easy-to-follow user manual and setup guide, along with unlimited free email support.

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