Frequently Asked Questions

We are devoted to your complete satisfaction in everything we do. That is why we want to make sure you are armed with all the information you need before you make a decision about our signage, parking signs, or fleet graphics in Brampton, ON. Take a look at the frequently asked questions we receive here at Vivid Signs and Graphics to find out more about not only our company but also to find out more about signage in general. From legal restriction and permits to logistical concerns, we have all the information you need before you get an awning in Brampton, ON. This FAQ is by no mean an exhaustive list of questions you may have. That is why we make ourselves available to you in order to answer anything else you might want to ask. Our friendly team is here to serve, so simply reach out to us today to learn more about our channel letters in Brampton, ON, or any of our products and services.  Contact us to ask any further questions you may have. Our customers are located throughout Brampton, ON, and all of the surrounding areas.

Shipping & Turnaround Times for Custom Signs

We ship our signs throughout North America  and with our turnaround times as short as 24 hours, you can have your new sign the next day. We can deliver signs quickly and accurately thanks to our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment. All signs are done in-house, and with exacting standards.


Q. Do I need a permit for my sign?
A. Most signs do not require a permit. Typically, large building signs and ground signs require permits prior to erecting. Contact us, and we will gladly guide you through the process.

Q. How long does it take to get a permit?
A. The permit process varies in each municipality. A range of one to four weeks is typical.

Q. How much do permits cost?
A. This is difficult to answer in general terms, because the scope, size, and location of the project will affect the permit cost. We are experts in the process and are able to give you an accurate estimate of the costs prior to permit application.

Q. What is required for permit applications?
A. For most projects, a site plan, an elevation of the building, and a construction drawing of the sign are all that is required.

Site Surveys

Q. Will you come out to my site and tell me what I need?
A. Yes, we would be happy to visit your site, conduct a survey with complete measurements, and provide options for your project.


Q. What size letters do I need to order?
A. The rule of thumb is for every inch of letter height, the maximum viewing distance is multiplied by 24 feet. A 16-inch-tall letter will be viewable from approximately a city block--around 384 feet.

Design Services

Q. Do you offer design services?
A. Yes, we have an in-house designer that will work with you to create your sign concept.

Colour Matching

Q. Do you custom match my company colours?
A. Yes, we custom match any colour using our in-house paint system.

Lead Time

Q. How long will it take to get my sign?
A. This time will vary depending on project size and complexity. For simple signs, one to three days is typical.

Getting Started

Q. What information will I need to provide?
A. Your business’s municipal address, pictures, and any details you may have-- colours, sizes, and artwork.


Q. What type of payments do you accept?
A. We accept cheques, cash, credit cards, and eTransfers.

Q. Do you offer financing?
A. We offer a simple leasing program , with same day approval.


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